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“The story of the Spiritual Revolution Messengers and their fight to get Entropia, a device that could give free energy for the whole world leads to its conclusion.
Than everything change, and suddenly you realize you are playing the lead role, you are the hero and the hero is you, as it is Entropia. A kind of displacement. Now you know that you are the player and the listener, and the player is the play and is you. Now you are Entropia and Entropia is you, and you can change everything...”



I clearly remember that part of the story: Daeron was getting over his fate, his ancient course, giving his help to Sebastian and Eleanore. Phidelia and Laerte joined the SRP (Spiritual Revolution People) and pushed the powerful Intellectuals of the North to reconsider their long time settled role. They had been used, all the time and now they can hardly remember how it happened that they got lost in

One was for my longtime friends
Who dealt with serious needs
That's a milestone
Winding around me

Just down the hill, was a second fall
It blazed upon the band
But I had my goal
Clear before me

So words start to weaken
I can't wait anymore
For the power we deserve

And we claim their fall
But we take their call
And the shame of war
Raise the fame of a new talk show

Then... it was time for exchange
They asked me for a deal
And I placed a stone
Right before me

(But) My words slowly disappear
Melting in a marsh of vanity
With the vision we recall

And we claim their fall
But we take their call
And the shame of war
Raise the fame of a new talk show

And we praised that show
So we lost our soul
In the maze of Babylon


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At the center of the artistic world there is energy, intended as a universal metaphor of life and creative vitality; as an instrument of social evolution and well-being; such as light, warmth, comfort, motion and strength of change; such as the illumination of the mind and the spirit; such as the inalienable right to knowledge.
It is in the proposal and practice of alternatives, in spreading knowledge and solutions, in a constant application of sharing and common enrichment, from which one draws forth and restores Energy. 
Inspired by the Silmarillion by J.R.R.Tolkien, the story narrates love, inexhaustible source of energy, between two beings who are aliens to each other, dispersed particles of two opposite universes that intertwine their own courses, irremediably attracted to each other, they blend together in an instant, annulling every prejudice, every law, every convention.  
Born into a new life, they see around them an agonizing world and with the same passion that enfolds them they act to change their destiny. In their hands lie a revolutionary discovery to deliver to all mankind. 
It is the genesis of an unstopping metamorphosis, that begins with man and is transmitted to others as if by osmosis, thus involving the entire planet. 
A Revolution of the Spirit before that of matter, an epidemic of love. Love for mankind, for the capacity to imagine and to risk, for the constant search of better possible worlds, to share knowledge and solutions. In this way one is again able to understand the difference between that which is evolution and general well-being, and that which is only well-being for a chosen few. 
If everything is as it was, nothing can be what it was. This is how true change can take place.

Spiritual Revolution People!

from the path of Spiritual Revolution, part 1
“You wish to know, my love, how the stars are born? It happens between lovers... it happens when the mouth of one takes the breath from another and then is drunk, thirsty for love, thus exploding the senses...”


In a future world, where the overcrowded and pressured South has been isolated with every means by the opulence of the North, Sebastian, a simple man and hero to his people, falls in love with the splendid Eleanore, daughter of Laerte and Phidelia, esteemed Intellectuals from the North and she, in turn, with him. The two, against every opposition, pledge their love to each other in secret...


Al centro dell'impianto artistico c'è l'energia, intesa come metafora universale della vita e della vitalità creativa; come strumento di evoluzione sociale e di benessere; come luce, calore, conforto, moto e forza del mutamento; come illuminazione della mente e dello spirito; come diritto inalienabile al sapere.
È nel proporre e praticare alternative, nel diffondere conoscenza e soluzioni, in una costante applicazione della condivisone e dell'arricchimento comune, che si attinge e si restituisce Energia.
Ispirata al Silmarillion di J.R.R.Tolkien, la storia narra dell'amore, fonte inesauribile d'energia, tra due esseri l'uno alieno all'altro, particelle disperse di due universi opposti che intersecano le proprie rotte. Irrimediabilmente attratte l'una dall'altra, si fondono all'istante, annullando ogni preconcetto, ogni legge, ogni convenzione. 
Nati a nuova vita, vedono intorno a loro un mondo agonizzante e con l'identica passione che li avvolge agiscono per mutarne il destino. Tra le loro mani una rivoluzionaria scoperta da consegnare all'intera umanità.
È la genesi di un cambiamento inarrestabile, che parte dall'uomo e si trasmette ai suoi simili come per osmosi, coinvolgendo l'intero pianeta.
Una Rivoluzione dello Spirito prima che della materia, un'epidemia d'amore. Amore per l'umanità, per la capacità d'immaginare e di rischiare, per la ricerca costante di possibili mondi migliori, per il condividere sapere e soluzioni. È così che si riesce di nuovo a capire la differenza tra ciò che è evoluzione e benessere generale e ciò che è solo benessere per pochi. 
Se tutto è come prima, niente può più essere come prima. È così che si cambia davvero.

Spiritual Revolution People!

dalla storia di Spiritual Revolution, part 1
“Vuoi sapere, mia amata, come nascono le stelle? Succede tra amanti... succede quando dalla bocca dell'uno si leva il respiro ed esso viene bevuto dall'altra bocca, avida d'amore, esplodendo così nei sensi...”


In un mondo futuro, dove il Sud affollato e pressante è stato isolato con ogni mezzo dall’opulenza del Nord, Sebastian, un uomo qualunque, un eroe per la sua gente, s’innamora, ricambiato, della splendida Eleanore, figlia di Laerte e Phidelia, importanti e stimati rappresentanti della Casta degli Intellettuali del Nord. Contro ogni opposizione, i due si giurano l’uno all’altro in segreto...

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