• "This new album from Sailor Free might well make my best of 2016 list. It’s such cool modern prog."

    Music Street Journal - USA Gary W. Hill
  • "And what is also very important, the sound of this recording is just amazing. It has a transparent sound quality... As reviewer and open-minded music lover I enjoyed listening to this enthralling album very much."

    progVisions - NL Douwe Fledderus
  • "... there are easily a half dozen very memorable tracks that kept me coming back for repeat listens again and again.
    All taken, this is a very eclectic and healthy mix of sounds with one foot in the classic prog world and another reflecting more current styles."

    Exposè - USA Peter Thelen
  • "Un gran disco rock, da ascoltare dall'inizio alla fine per capirne il senso... Da avere."
    "A great rock album, to listen from beginning to end... A must-have."

    Classix - IT Mauro Furlan
  • "Un mosaïque intéressante de sonorités modernes... un album très satisfaisant."

    Profil - CA Denis Boisvert
  • "Spiritual Revolution - part two is a classy Prog album that I enjoyed listening to from beginning to end... Sailor Free have certainly put out an album that deserves to reach a large group of Progressive Rock fans.
    Highly recommended indeed!!!."

    Proggnosis - USA Marc
  • "...this is an album best listened to in full.
    It is definitely an entertaining example of modern prog."

    DPRP - NL Patrick McAfee
  • "I recommend this band to the widest possible audience, first of all to those who appreciate originality and true artistry.
    Bravo, Sailor Free!"

    Recyclable Sounds - RU Raigor
  • "Over time, this music developed almost an hypnotic effect.
    You feel excited, without one could say exactly why."

    Betreutesproggen - DE Juergen Meurer
  • "I SF riescono a propongono una musica che, pur non rinunciando a quelle sonorità art-rock che hanno le loro radici negli anni '70, è attuale, fresca e soprattutto intelligente."

    Buscadero - IT Andrea Trevaini
  • "Un album basé sur l'imaginaire, en cela une vraie réussite... objectif tenu: celui d’éveiller votre curiosité."

    Highland Magazine - FR Jean-Pierre Schricke
  • "L’album è ancora una volta splendido, capace di catturare irrimediabilmente i sensi... vi troverete quasi senza accorgervene a essere contagiati da questi suoni così variegati, intensi e vitali, espressione di classe, talento e di un’enorme forza comunicativa."

    Metal.it - IT Marco Aimasso
  • "Tämä levy on erittäin hyvä."
    "This record is very good."

    Colossus - FIJuergen Meurer
  • "Questo lavoro è da consacrarsi e collocarsi nelle nostre raccolte musicali,
    qualunque esse siano."

    Psycanprog - IT Raffaele Astore
  • "An album that will teach to many conservatives what can truly be "Progressive" today."

    MAT 2020 - IT Alberto Sgarlato