Sailor Free

Tide Records

Track list:

- Intro
- Death, life and the new birth
- Rejoice
- A sign in the sand
- We are calling you
- Cassilda's song
- When the miths are falling down
- Save it for you
- Lake of dreams
- Ailooh

Sailor Free:
David Petrosino - vocals, piano, mellotron, minimoog, vcs III, vox organ, doff
Stefano "The Hook" Barelli - electric and acoustic guitar
Stefano Tony - drums, percussions
Alphonso Nini - bass guitar

guests musicians
the Handala band :
Anan Al shalabi - ud
Bassam A. H. - vocals
Hakeem Jaleela - vocals
Mohamed Fares - duff, darabuka

Produced by David Petrosino



Review extracts

It seldom happens that a Hard rock band writes lyrics
committed to social and political issues..
(l'Unità - Daniela Amenta - IT)

...they are in perfect harmony with the new international rock stream,
looking for new solutions, creative and passionate.
(la Repubblica - Ernesto Assante - IT)

Nothing is out of place with Sailor Free,
from the 70's look to the psychedelic-hard sound,
they keep the balance between sourness and melody.
(Metal Shock - Gianni Della Cioppa - IT)

Sailor Free, don't play Metal, Hard Rock or HC,...
they sail in deep waters around the lake of Hali (near Aldebaran!).
(Metal Hammer - Luca Signorelli - IT)

In a couple of songs on their first album, we noticed
the partecipation of the Palestinian ensemble Handala;
this gave it a touch of mediterranean sound..
(Chitarre - Marco Lucchi - IT)