Spiritual Revolution Part 2

Tide Records
CD, digital download

Track list:

1 - Spiritual ouverture II
2 - The maze of Babylon
3 - Society
4 - The fugitive
5 - Amazing
6 - Game over. It's me
7 - We are legion
8 - Special laws
9 - Cosmos
10 - About time
11 - Revolutionary soul

David Petrosino - vocals, piano, keyboards, guitar
Raimondo Mosci - drums
Alphonso Nini - bass guitar
Stefano Tony - drums
Stefano “The Hook” Barelli - guitar
Lorenzo Canevacci - guitar
Cecilia Amici - backing vocals
Stefano Ribeca - sax

Produced by David Petrosino

Recorded and mixed at Tide Records' studio.

Cover design and artwork Terrence Briscoe

Booklet artworks and paintings by:
Terrence Briscoe - Cecilia Amici
Carmine Ginnetti - Ines Cappelli

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Review extracts

This new album from Sailor Free might well make my best of 2016 list.
It’s such cool modern prog.
(Music Street Journal - Gary W. Hill - US)

And what is also very important, the sound of this recording is just amazing.
It has a transparent sound quality... As reviewer and open-minded music lover
I enjoyed listening to this enthralling album very much.
(progVisions - Douwe Fledderus - NL)

A great rock album, to listen from beginning to end... A must-have.
(Classix - Mauro Furlan – IT)

Spiritual Revolution part 2 is a classy Prog album that I enjoyed listening to from beginning to end...
Sailor Free have certainly put out an album that deserves to reach a large group
of Progressive Rock fans. Highly recommended indeed!!!
(Proggnosis - Marc - US)

I recommend this band to the widest possible audience, first of all to those who
appreciate originality and true artistry. Bravo, Sailor Free!
(Recyclable Sounds - Raigor – RU)

An album that will teach to many conservatives what can truly be "Progressive" today.
(MAT 2020 - Alberto Sgarlato - IT)

... there are easily a half dozen very memorable tracks that kept me coming back
for repeat listens again and again.
(Exposè - Peter Thelen - US))

Spiritual Revolution part 2 offers plenty of variety... with atmospheres between despair
and melancholy but also hope. An album that you have to get involved with.
(Proggies - Daniel Eggenberger - CH)

Sailor Free' proposal has the freedom and the vision
of the great prog bands of the 70's...
(Urlo - Flavio Talamonti- IT)

...this is an album best listened to in full.
It is definitely an entertaining example of modern prog.
(DPRP - Patrick McAfee - NL)

An interesting mosaic of modern sounds... a very satisfying album.
(Profil - Denis Boisvert - CA)

Dark, warm and appealing, and very well produced too, this is a quality example of
contemporary progressive rock of the kind that should have a wide general appeal.
(ProgressoR - Olav Bjornsen - UZ)

Over time, this music developed almost an hypnotic effect.
You feel excited, without one could say exactly why.
(Betreutesproggen - Juergen Meurer - DE)

This album has to be consecrated and placed in our music collections,
whatever they are.
(Psycanprog - Raffaele Astore - IT)

This record is very good.
(Colossus - Tero Honkasalo - FI)

Either way, this fine album can easily stand alone musically!! Now go buy!!
(Progplanet - Tonny Larsen - DK)

… the album is beautiful once again.
… you will find yourself almost moved by these sounds so varied, intense and vital,
expression of class, talent and an enormous communicative energy.
(Metal.it - Marco Aimasso - IT)

Un album basé sur l'imaginaire, en cela une vraie réussite...
objectif tenu: celui d’éveiller votre curiosité.
(Highland Magazine - Jean-Pierre Schricke - FR)

"Special Laws" is where you feel the beautiful presence of jazz through the piano
beautifully framed by the drums and the rhythm of the song, wonderful.
(Musica Progresiva - Lily Belgu - AR)

On "Spiritual Revolution part 2" Sailor Free create versatile and skilful Art rock
with imaginative arrangements and creative Instrumentals...
(Babyblaue - Siggy Zielinski - GE)

A very good album again.
(Rock Impressions - Giancarlo Bolther - IT)

… it makes you want to listen to the whole story from the beginning.
(Neoprog – Jean Christophe Le Brun - FR)

Sailor Free have solid foundations but they don't fear to face modernity.
(Progressivamente - Luigi Cattaneo - IT)

A band with an original sound.
(Acid Dragon - RR - FR)

Highly recommended for those who want surprises from music.
(Nonsolo Progrock - Massimo Salari - IT)